Innovative virtual reality experience at the Singapore Airshow 2018

KiPcreating high end visualization is set to bring a Boeing 777 concept to life in a new virtual reality experience. Showcasing at the Singapore Air Show, Feb 6th-11th , users will be able to virtually walkthrough, sit and discover all the amazing design features in this impressive Boeing concept.

Design highlights include gold inlays, seat strip lighting, a bar, a very cool center and full length divan and an entertainment area with an impressive Screen.
By using cutting edge technology to deliver the Boeing 777 Concept through an immersive and stunning Virtual Reality experience, users will be able to explore the entire aircraft on a 1:1 scale with impressive photorealism.

KiPcreating has been commissioned to deliver all the visualization content and software, do the VR set up and support during the show, bringing our expertise to provide the best user experience.
Participants will be able to experience this amazing Boeing 777 concept with interactive features like different color schemes, color options for pillows and upholstery for the divan and why not enjoy a movie and even change it in the cinema area!

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