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ABOUT cbox

CBox is our proprietary software that delivers an unparalleled immersive experience. Combining our signature quality realism, materials and light effects with a friendly interface, users have the ability to change materials, colors, explore different lighting settings, generate reports with material boards, endless renders, and finally motion capture.

Innovative &

CBox is an innovative and interactive tool created by LightBox to take the visualization experience to the next level.

Endless renderings and

It enables the user to experience and virtually “live” the space and the design with unparalleled realism.

material board
on the spot

This state-of-the-art visual aid for designers and sales people combines high-tech software with top-notch 3D content.


Engage your client in an emotional experience and help them understand, appreciate and approve your design on the spot.


CBox is an innovative tool created by KiPcreating to take the visualization experience to the next level. CBox has 3 applications to cover all basis:

VR (Desktop)

It’s the application of CBox that provides a real-time rendering engine, enabling the user to navigate the space freely, create design options changing colors, materials and light in an immersive experience. Get endless renderings and material boards on the spot. Impress your clients and buyers with a unique immersive experience.

Mobile (iPad)

Created to provide portability. Improved for tablets and smart phones, gives users the freedom to create schemes, change colors and materials, create endless renderings and material boards on the spot. Make meetings more meaningful and shorten the approval process with this application of CBox.


It’s the cloud-based application of CBox that boosts the reach of the experience to a broader audience. Combining the super high quality of the 3D content with optimized web technologies, it gives online users the ability to create their own designs with almost limitless options, export their renderings and commit to the brand with a unique customer experience.

a client-centric development


Friendly interface to ensure pleasant user experience and instant satisfaction.


Focused on material and color selection. Simple, to the point. Easy to learn and use.


Stand out of all other VR environments with scale accurate scenes that give you the right scale and avoid motion sickness.


Our signature quality now in VR. Make every small detail count on your favor.


We meet every deadline. ISO processes gives reliable results, every time.


Never assume, always confirm. Our teams work seamlessly to ensure you get what you expect.