MAY 2018


KiPcreating provides innovative Virtual Reality Customer Journey to showcase the new Phenom 300E tech features.

KiPcreating high end visualization has been commissioned to create an engaging Customer Journey for the Embraer Phenom 300E through a new virtual reality experience being launched at EBACE, Geneva, 29-31 May, 2018.

Through this experience, attendees will step into a guided virtual tour inside the Phenom 300E and discover the aircraft’s new revolutionary design.
The tour includes a welcome message, color schemes and sew styles selectors, Cabin Management System (CMS) interaction, and interactive animation throughout the entire cabin.

The experience features the innovative seat design with its retractable armrest and industry-exclusive Upper Tech Panel. Users will be able to activate and read product information throughout the cabin, activate lights and interact with cabin design, including CMS controls, shades, lid compartments among other features.

The challenge was to create a new virtual aircraft experience and highlight the Phenom 300E new features for a compelling customer journey. We did that by implementing a step-by-step tour including voice over, welcome and good bye messages along with information buttons. These ensure that the customer always receives information that is relevant about the aircraft.

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Max Pardo
CEO & Founder | KiPcreating
+1 305 600 2397

Please fill the form below to request a meeting at EBACE 2018.

Please fill the form below to request a meeting at EBACE 2018.